Nicolet Coffee

Nicolet Coffee



Our goal is to supply you with the freshest coffee as quickly as possible

Our beans come from the best farms in the rich, fertile growing regions of Guatemala, Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia, and Mexico, with occasional additions from other specialty locations.

We use only Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee Beans for all of our roasts and blends. Only 10% of all coffee beans are of high enough quality to be considered Specialty Grade. By choosing only Specialty Grade beans, we bring you the highest quality gourmet coffee on the market today.

Our coffee is always roasted to order, in small batches, then hand packaged and shipped to you, usually within a day of receiving your order. This is what makes our coffee “Fresh As The Northwoods."

The perfect cup of coffee starts with 2 rounded tablespoons of coffee for each 8 oz. cup of water and is brewed at 190-200 degrees.