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I am pleased with my purchases from So far I have bought the S’Mores Carmel, Sunset Decaf and Northwood’s Sunrise.
They are all to my liking but I have to say the S’Mores Carmel is my FAV!! I love the name Nicolet Coffee as it reminds me of time spent at our cabin. When my kids were growing up we had a cabin on the shore of Lake Brule in Iron River, Michigan close to the Wisconsin border.We spent a lot of weekends and vacations at the cabin.

One of my favorite parts of our time spent there was waking up early before the rest of the family. I would brew a fresh pot of coffee and sneak out to the dock to drink my first cup while listening to the sounds of the Northwood’s waking up. The smell and taste of the fresh brewed coffee, the sound of water lapping against the dock and the call of the Loons were the perfect start to my day. In the fall when we would visit the cabin, one of our favorite things as a family was sitting around the campfire at the end of the day.

Everyone would be sleepy from a day of activity and fresh air. We would be wrapped in blankets or flannel shirts enjoying the crisp fall air and a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Even the young kids would have a cup…mostly consisting of cream and sugar back then but it is a ritual that we continued and cherished through the years


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